Salesforce Pardot B2B Marketing

Carry your B2B marketing efforts one step ahead

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation platform that helps businesses automate and optimize their marketing efforts. It provides businesses with the tools and features they need to create and manage marketing campaigns, monitor and analyze marketing performance, and generate prospects.



Prospect Generation

Pardot offers businesses a series of tools, such as landing pages, forms, and prospect scoring, to generate and manage prospects.

Marketing Automation

It allows businesses to automate and optimize such marketing efforts as e-mail marketing, raising prospects, and prospect scoring.

E-mail Marketing

It enables businesses to create and send personalized e-mail campaigns, track e-mail performance, and gain insights into customer behavior.

Marketing Performance Tracking and Analysis

It offers businesses analyses and metrics that enable them to track and analyze their marketing efforts, such as website visitor behavior, campaign performance, and prospect generation.

Integration with Salesforce CRM

It integrates with Pardot Salesforce CRM, enabling businesses to get a full view of the customer journey and make data-driven decisions.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

It allows teams to work together more efficiently and effectively by offering them features that help align marketing and sales teams, such as prospect scoring, prospect raising, and Salesforce integration.

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